What Is Planet Finance?

"The Interplanetary Financial Ecosystem Governed By AQUA"
Planet Finance

What's Planet Finance?

The best DeFi apps all in one place at the apex of high yields and low risk - starting with the most optimized stable coin aggregator in crypto.

Here’s the rundown:

  • Blue Planet is app one and is the best stable coin aggregator in DeFi with smart auto compounding resulting in the highest returns and lowest fees paid out every 3 seconds.

  • Next is the Red Planet, it's a super-optimized yield aggregator pulling in the best yields on the best cryptocurrencies in defi.

  • The next two planets will include all the best features and metrics in lending and insurance platforms in crypto all in one place.

  • Our team literally reads white papers and smart contracts and vets teams for fun. Daily due diligence in white papers, team vetting and project aggregation to insure the greatest returns and highest level of safety possible.

  • 0 team tokens. 100% of the AQUA token value is to be earned by the community to be used on any Planet Finance apps.

  • AQUA token holders will be distributed daily platform profits every 3 seconds after 200 days, daily burns from day 0 to drive value to token holders, voting based governance of the platform direction, reduced fees and more.

  • Built on top of the Binance Smart Chain for the lowest fees and highest scalability.

If it’s not on Planet Finance, it shouldn’t be on your radar.

A quick overview of the products coming out immediately and over the next 200 days:

Stable Coin yield farming with high peace of mind audited projects targeting 50-200% APYs and 0% trash. We call this part of Planet Finance the Blue Planet.

Crypto currency yield farming combining the best yields and coins with the auditable trash fended off daily. We call this the Red Planet.

DeFi Lending and Borrowing: for more advanced users, this is where we the users again become the bank. Earn interest paid out every 3 seconds by lending your coins to others secured by smart contracts. Or borrow against your own coins to make higher yields, spend fiat with borrowed stable coins or any of your custom strategies. All while the value of your lent tokens still has the opportunity to grow in value which remains 100% in your custody on top of your auto compounded interest.

All parts of Planet Finance are already highly successful strategies in the first gen DeFi space, but they live amidst the minefield of hundreds of different sites and thousands of sketchy projects and rugpools.

Welcome to Planet Finance.

Fair Distribution, Tokenomics & What Makes Planet Finance Unique

Latest generation token strategy:

  • 0 team tokens. All tokens are distributed by vault volume with fair distribution from day 0. Far too many projects pump and dump on their users to benefit the builders at the expense of both the believers and investors in the platform and DeFi’s reputation as the future of finance.

  • A total of 500 AQUA tokens will be distributed daily for the first 200 days and that’s it. 100,000 AQUA total.

  • The AQUA tokens are distributed to pools & vaults based on the applied multipliers.

  • 40% of daily platform profits will be burned with verifiable public burn records adding value to token holders driving long term success of the project.

  • After the auto compounding fee, the remaining platform profits will be verifiably distributed to every AQUA holder staked on Planet Finance every 3 seconds after day 200 and all 100,000 tokens are allocated.

  • In the future the vision for Planet Finance is to offer extended utility and VIP perks to AQUA holders such as reduced fees, early access to liquidity pools, new projects, new features, monthly competitions and more.

Platform strategy:

  • After day 200, Planet Finance becomes a 100% Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) where the AQUA holders drive and determine all future aspects and direction of the platform

  • Highest yields and exceptionally lean fees

    • Deposit fee: 0.1%

    • Profit fee on interest earned: 2.5%

      • Auto-Compound Fee: 0.5% - Used to cover gas fees to perform auto-compounding

      • Buy Back & Burn Fee: 1% - Used to buy & burn AQUA to drive more value to token holders

      • Platform Fee: 1% - Used to fund development expenses, improvements, new features and after 200 days will be distributed to AQUA holders

  • Our auto-compounding algorithm will constantly group transaction fees and funds to determine the highest possible returns based on the exact second of critical factors like ever changing gas fees and yields while saving you time and doing zero work. This means your yields will increase even further as the liquidity pools grow over time.

Welcome to latest gen DeFi. Welcome to Planet Finance.

ps - Interested in roasting our platform, philosophy or execution? Find us on Telegram or Twitter and bring the heat.