Planet Finance
What Is Planet Finance?
"The Best DeFi Apps In One Space, Governed By AQUA"

What's Planet Finance?

โ€‹Planet Finance is a financial protocol consisting of different planets, each their own app, designed to enable anyone to activate their capital and put it to work. The best DeFi apps in one space, at the apex of high yields and low risk.

Hereโ€™s the rundown:

    โ€‹Blue Planet is the best stable coin aggregator in DeFi with smart auto-compounding resulting in the highest yields and lowest fees paid out every 3 seconds.
    โ€‹Red Planet is a super-optimized yield aggregator pulling in the best yields on the best cryptocurrencies in DeFi.
    โ€‹Uranus has the best shitcoin yields in the universe!
    โ€‹Green Planet is a dynamic, decentralized lending protocol that pays you to lend and borrow. Powered by GAMMA.
    โ€‹Pink Planet, is a unique marketplace giving artists the space to create, buy & sell digital assets.
    0 team tokens. We earn AQUA like everyone else by using Planet Finance.
    โ€‹AQUA is a uniquely scarce cryptocurrency, designed to capture value & govern the planets.
    โ€‹GAMMA is a utility token that will power Planet Finance for eternity.
    Built on top of the Binance Smart Chain for its low fees and high scalability.
If itโ€™s not on Planet Finance, it shouldnโ€™t be on your radar.

Fair Distribution, Tokenomics & What Makes Planet Finance Unique

    ZERO Team Tokens. All tokens are distributed by vault volume with fair distribution from day 0. Far too many projects pump and dump on their users to benefit the builders at the expense of both the believers and investors in the platform and DeFiโ€™s reputation as the future of finance.
    Our auto-compounding algorithm will constantly group transaction fees and funds to determine the highest possible returns based on the exact second of critical factors like ever changing gas fees and yields while saving you time and doing zero work. This means your yields will increase even further as the liquidity pools grow over time.
    500 AQUA will be distributed daily for the first 200 days and thatโ€™s it.
    There will only ever be 100,000 AQUA minted.
    AQUA will continue to be bought & burned by the protocol forever, with on-chain verifiable public records.
    GAMMA will be released when Green Planet launches & will continue to power the ecosystem forever.

Beyond AQUA's Distribution Ending In November 2021:

    AQUA will stop minting around November 18th, 2021. No new AQUA will ever be created. GAMMA will become the incentive token that can be earned on assets in vaults, liquidity pools & the money market. To see the full tokenomics overview go here.
    Planet Finance will become a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) where AQUA holders drive and determine all future aspects and direction of the platform. More details to come on this.

Welcome to Planet Finance.

Find us on Telegram or Twitter and join us on our journey!
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