Planet Finance
Yield Generation
Super-optimized stable coin yields, auto-compounded for you.

What is yield generation?

Yield generation is the practice of staking, liquidity providing or lending crypto assets in order to generate yield or rewards in the form of additional cryptocurrency.

How are yields generated?

Yields are generated two ways primarily. The interest paid from borrowers to lenders & trade fees received from providing liquidity in liquidity pools.
On top of getting super-optimized stable coin yields, you also earn $AQUA which is a scarce and rapidly deflating crypto. Profits on the platform will be distributed back to $AQUA holders.
Within our initial roadmap we have several features coming that will add more yield generating streams for the community to be able to tap into. This is just the beginning.
Once GAMMA is live, all vaults will earn GAMMA forever.
Last modified 1mo ago