Planet Finance
Blue Planet
The Best Stable Coin Yield Optimizer On Binance Smart Chain
Blue Planet
โ€‹Blue Planet is the best aggregator exclusively focused on stable coins, offering the best auto-compounded yields in DeFi.โ€Œ

Vaults On Blue Planet

All single-asset vaults on blue planet actually connect directly into the money markets on Green Planet. So when you "deposit" into a vault, it's being supplied to Green Planet where borrowers are paying real-time interest to suppliers. So if you deposit BNB, you will earn more BNB.
On top of that, you will also earn GAMMA every 3 seconds.
You are free to withdraw from these vaults at any time.

Pools On Blue Planet

All liquidity pools on blue planet are used to provide liquidity to Planet Finance's Swap (DEX). Anyone can use "Transform" to easily convert your crypto into the LP token you need to start earning GAMMA.
It's worth mentioning, that all liquidity providers (holding LP tokens) will earn 0.13% of the 0.25% trade fee incurred for each swap on Planet Finance.
If you want to convert your LP tokens back into a single crypto you can withdraw your LP tokens and then use "Convert LP". This allows you with one click to convert your LP token into a single crypto of your choosing.
All liquidity pools have a 0.1% withdraw fee.
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