Planet Finance
Blue Planet
The Best Stable Coin Yield Optimizer On Binance Smart Chain
โ€‹Blue Planet is the best aggregator exclusively focused on stable coins, offering the best auto-compounded yields in DeFi.โ€Œ

Vaults On Blue Planet

For example, placing your BUSD into a vault on the Blue Planet will immediately begin to generate you a yield. The yield you earn is then converted into BUSD and auto-compounded for you by Planet Finance's protocol. On top of that you'll earn AQUA. โ€Œ


Sounds cool, but what is it? Stake AQUA, to earn more AQUA. It's really that simple.

Supported Stablecoins & Cryptocurrencies On Blue Planet

It's likely more cryptocurrencies will be added to the Blue Planet. The goal is for these to be high quality cryptocurrencies within secure smart contracts. The community will be able to vote to add new cryptocurrencies. AQUA BNB BUSD USDT USDC DAI VAI
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