Planet Finance
Interplanetary Starmap
"Where we're going, we don't need roads."

Planet Finance is the DeFi platform for your worldly needs.

    Blue Planet - The best stablecoin yield aggregator in defi
    Red Planet - The best yields on the best cryptocurrencies
    Uranus - The best shitcoin yields in the universe
    Green Planet - The best lending platform in crypto
    Pink Planet - An NFT Marketplace powered by AQUA & GAMMA
    Purple Planet - A revolutionary insurance protocol for your crypto
    Swap - Trade tokens instantly on Planet Finance's swap.
    Liquidity Pools - Add & remove liquidity in active liquidity pools.
    Lend & Borrow - Supply & borrow assets on our decentralized money market
    Metrics - Command stations view of everything happening on Planet Finance
    NFTs - Holding NFTs enable "special abilities". Minted with AQUA.
    Merch Store - Look good. Feel good. Yield good.
    Governance - AQUA holders vote on new vaults, LP's & features.

Profit Sharing: After 100,000 $AQUA is distributed

    Continue burning the AQUA token
    Reduced fees using AQUA on Planet Finance
    Percentage of platform earnings paid out to $AQUA holders
    Planet staking - details to be released soon
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