Planet Finance
"The Best Shitcoin Yields In The Universe"
โ€‹Uranus offers the best auto-compounded shitcoin yields in defi. Uranus is a planet for those who are relentlessly on the hunt for the next 100x crypto, with a twist.

Vaults On Uranus

All pools listed below are pulled into Uranus directly from PancakeSwap. CAKE earned from these pools will be used to buy AQUA on Planet Financeโ€™s Swap & will be distributed to you as claimable AQUA. These new vaults on Uranus will have multipliers assigned to them, so that some of the new AQUA generated each day will be given to significantly increase your yields.
This enables even more value to pass through the AQUA token, further aligning the incentives of the protocol & the community. Users are in complete control of all AQUA earned through vaults on Uranus.
Hereโ€™s a list of the Liquidity Pool vaults on Uranus: XRP-BNB TRON-BUSD ADA-BNB DOGE-BNB LTC-BNB UNI-BNB XVS-BNB ALPACA-BNB BUNNY-BNB

Introducing Claim Boost

With the launch of Uranus, weโ€™re introducing an entirely new strategy. You will now see two buttons in Total Earnings. Total earnings consists of AQUA earned two ways. โ€œCollectโ€ (Blue button) claims AQUA generated from the token distribution. On โ€œClaim Boostโ€ (Green button) all CAKE earned is converted into AQUA and paid out to you in real-time.

Fees For Non-AQUA Vaults

  • Deposit Fee: 0.2%
  • Performance Fee (On Profits): 5% - Buyback & Burn: 2% - Platform Fee: 2% - Auto-Compound Fee: 1%

Governance Over How Uranus Evolves

As an AQUA token holder, youโ€™ll be able to vote for or against proposals to help shape the future of Planet Finance. We will continue to add more vaults to Uranus based on what the community wants next!
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