Planet Finance
Trusted Projects Only
"Quality is all that matters. Built for the long haul."

What's the problem?

Most DeFi projects seem willing to list any project if they see an opportunity to make money doing so. This vastly increases risk to their community who put their trust in the platforms they place their monetary energy with.
We hate scams, short-term thinking and rug pulls. Once a project runs away with users money, the money is gone. To re-emphasize there's ZERO "team" tokens for AQUA.
We believe in a better way forward.

How does Planet Finance solve this?

We want to list trusted & proven projects only. The stable coin vaults & pools listed on the planets are all large, audited & trusted projects. The community of course will be able to vote on future vaults/pools to list on the planets.
We believe in having only the highest of standards when adding new yield-generating opportunities onto the platform.
Last modified 3mo ago