Planet Finance
"The fairest distribution in the space & beyond"
Planet Finance Tokenomics

Important Aspects

No Team Tokens: We are building Planet Finance for ourselves. We believe taking no tokens upfront is the best way possible we can show our commitment to the mission.
100,000 $AQUA MAX Supply: In a world where fiat currencies are being printed into infinity and most crypto's have endless supplies, something different is needed.
500 $AQUA Per Day: Was distributed initially to users of the protocol for the first 200 days. Now 200 days have happened, no more AQUA will ever be created.
Buy & Burn: See graphic for details!

What happens after 200 days?

  • There will be several factors contributing to the amount of $AQUA burned each day
  • Protocol fees from several features will be driven to $AQUA holders
  • No more $AQUA will be created. In a world where most "assets" are inflating, $AQUA is uniquely scarce.
  • $GAMMA will continue to power the ecosystem forever. See the graphic above for details.
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